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  CLIPSAR® is a well-known Polish brand of aluminum clips meticulously designed to close sausage casings. The clips are reliable and easy to identify. We offer clips to most types of clipping machines available on the market. In the process of clips production we ensure the highest quality and carefully selected materials. It guarantees a problem-free use of clipping machines.

Original clips CLIPSAR® are only available in PROBITECH POLAND CORP.



" I guarantee that we will close every casing using every clipping machine. We offer you clips on such terms as you do not need to worry about overpaying again. We simply have intelligent and safe solutions

Original CLIPSAR® clips….. I recommend."

                                                                                                                             Sebastian Górecki, the owner of the company


Ul. Papierników 3
Wielki Konopat
86 – 105 Świecie

biuro [AT] probitech [DOT] pl

+48 52 330 21 05

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