NIPPI Inc., Tokyo as one of the leading producers of collagen casings in the world patented a unique process of obtaining collagen from bovine only and we are their exclusive distributor in Poland and Eastern Europe.


Animal collagen is obtained from various types of proteins which differ in structure and affect the quality of casings.


This patented technology used in the production of NIPPI casings results in increased efficiency, stability, safety and predictability of processes, and consequently boosts profitability. As the only such product in the world, NIPPI casings guarantee elasticity and the desired “crunchy bite”.



  • Stability and repeatability

    The density of collagen fiber distribution around the entire casing perimeter is always the same – thin and strong. During the heat treatment, NIPPI casing shrinks at approximately the same rate as the filling reducing the diameter of the sausage without the effect of “wrinkles” on the casing. To date, no other edible collagen has been invented with such unique features.

  • Efficiency and reliability

    Due to the fibrous structure, the casing ensures great mechanical strength of the product which is necessary during high-speed filling processes. Thin walls help to shorten production processes, in particular heat treatment and smoking, up to 25%.,

  • Flexibility

    The NIPPI casing can be used for steamed, smoked, raw and cured types of sausages.

  • Success

    Exceptional subtlety of the casing is comparable only to the fragility of natural intestines. The casing binds to the stuffing, and as a result it does not stay in the mouth when chewed. Until now, it is the only edible collagen casing with such unique features.

  • Safety and predictability

    Collagen casings have been made from safe materials and introduced to the EU market in accordance with current law. Easy to use casings facilitate planning and controlling the costs of production. Nippi casings are offered in a wide range of sizes from 13-38mm.

  • Durability

    NIPPI casings can be stored in typical conditions and their shelf life is 3 years.