We have been specializing in optimizing the process of closing sausage casing for 15 years. As a modern family-owned company, we offer unique products.


We produce original CLIPSAR® clips and LOOPSAR​® loops based on proprietary technologies and latest technical solutions.


We are delighted that already over 600 meat processing plants in Poland and abroad have been using our innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions.

Original new generation CLIPSAR® and LOOPSAR®:

  • up to 75% increased level of profitability in the clipping process
  • up to 45% prolonged durability of clipping machine consumable parts
  • up to 25% increased safety for clipped products
  • no requirement for additional machine settings
  • clips free of dirt, dust and hazardous substances
  • raw material for production only from certified suppliers
  • machine-friendly and comfortable to use


We deliver only intelligent and effective solutions which increase profitability and production efficiency.

CLIPSAR is a leading Polish brand of sausage clips. The production of clips is based on the proprietary technologies and latest solutions supported by 15 years of experience. The introduced innovations result in a reliable, effective and safe products. Such clips increase efficiency in the production cycle and improve profitability.


We send CLIPSAR clips to over 30 countries around the world and export generates over 60% of our revenues.

LOOPSAR® is a well-known Polish brand of sausage loops. The production of loops is based on the latest solutions supported by 15 years of experience.


We choose raw material for production very carefully. The primary parameters which PROBITECH considers extremely important are yarn stiffness, breaking strength, dye and susceptibility to forming at elevated temperatures. Only such raw material guarantees that the final product is effectively, repetitively and assuredly functioning in the production cycle in production plants.

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